June 2015
 is up and running, hosted by Don Sickler of Second Floor Music.  At present, nothing has been posted under Buddy's name, but within the next couple of weeks "Blues For David" will be available, followed by 5 or 6 other tunes of Buddy's.  One can listen to part of an mp3 at no charge.  If one likes it, one can download the whole tune for 99 cents.  The Charts that goes with the mp3 can also download.  So a musician can read the music and listen to how Buddy played it. The family is very excited about this, as Buddy never wrote down his tunes and arrangements.  Now there can be more Buddy Montgomery tunes performed and appreciated.

May 2015

Wes Montgomery, In The Beginning produced by Resonance Records,  was released on May 12, 2015.  Most of the album spotlights "The Montgomery Johnson Quintet" playing at the Turf Bar in Indianapolis between 1955-1957.  The group includes Buddy. on piano; Wes, on guitar; Monk, on upright bass; and two gentleman who are not related, Alonzo " Pookie" Johnson, on Tenor Sax;  and Robert "Sonny" Johnson, on drums.  This is the oldest recording of Buddy and the brothers, featuring   Buddy's first arrangements.  The music holds up beautifully.
June 2012

We have put several  slides with music on  Along with the slides we included information about the music artists, tunes, albums and family trivia.  Please take a moment to view one.  We welcome your interest too, so feel free to suggest other tunes or facts you would like to find out about.  We will consider your suggestion and possibly create a video about it so stay tuned for more...

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June 2011


The Buddy Montgomery Artifact Exhibit will be the featured exhibit for the month of June at the Indiana State Museum.

October 1, 2010

4th Annual Milwaukee Jazz & Heritage Festival

Honored Buddy by establishing a Music Scholarship Fund in his name

Buddy, a longtime resident of Milwaukee, is still remembered fondly as a jazz educator

Performing for the kids


September 2010

Buddy's vibraphone that he played for over 50 years, arrives in Indianapolis Donated by the Montgomery family to the Indiana State Museum


April 2010

“The Return to Indianapolis”

 A gift from the painter, Sam Agres bassist/primitive artist, to Buddy

Depicts Buddy, Wes and Monk walking up Indiana Avenue in Indianapolis, Indiana, their hometown Donated by the Montgomery family to the Indiana State Museum in Indianapolis




July 22, 2009

A Musical Tribute to Buddy Montgomery

 Yoshi's, in San Francisco, was a packed house

Friends gathered to play some of Buddy's Original Tunes and Arrangements


A special thanks to Jeff Chambers, Buddy's longtime Bass player and friend, for making this tribute happen.  He oversaw the music, some of which had previously never been written down,

and organized the talent.


 Also, thanks to Orrin Keepnews, Producer of many of Buddy's recordings, for telling great stories about Buddy.


Many thanks to the following artist/friends who rehearsed & performed Buddy's Original tunes & arrangements:


Dave Hazeltine, Jeff Chambers, Sam Belton, Mykah Montgomery (Buddy's granddaughter), Darryl Green,  Hector Lugo, Mark Wright, Noel Jewkes, Bill Bell, Eddie Marshall, Jim Nichols, Kitty Margolis, John Handy,  Mary Stallings, Dick Whittington, Vince Lateano, Louis Romero and

 last, but never least, Marlena Shaw.

Indiana State Museum- Interview with Buddy's Wife Ann Montgomery