The Montgomery Brothers

Monk, Wes and Buddy (and sister Ervena also a talented pianist) represented the personification of the word "family".  Although the brothers of course had very different personalities, their differences never got in the way of each others best interest. Monk was the gregarious high energy go- getter; Wes the modest fun-loving warm one and Buddy the cool, quiet and deep one.  Even as different as they were they had one very important thing in common and that was to support each other in whatever way they could.


Monk Montgomery was the first jazz bass player to play the electric bass.  He was also the first to start a non-profit jazz society in city of Las Vegas, NV in the early 1970's.



Mastersounds featured Buddy Montgomery on vibes, Monk Montgomery on bass, Richie Crabtree on piano and Benny Barth on drums.

"That Old Devil Moon"


Wes Montgomery pioneered the extensive use of octaves and did not use a pic.  He developed a callaused area on his thumb which contributed to his unique sound.


Listen as Buddy introduces you to the "Montgomery Family"


Buddy Montgomery could not write or read music.  He would create tunes in his head, play them on the piano and tape them for someone else to notate the music. He created more than 67 tunes and arrangements. 



Bock to Bock was composed and performed by Buddy.  Listen to his smooth solo on the vibes


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